Stupid Azure Trick #2 – How do I create a new Organizational Account on Windows Azure Active Directory without any existing accounts or EA?

Nice Article Bill – it’s taken quite a while to figure out how to create an Azure business account from the get go – this article nails it!

Coding Out Loud

Suppose your company is ready to create a corporate production environment using Windows Azure. If you are an enterprise of sufficient size, you will want to do this through your company’s Enterprise Agreement (commonly called an “EA”). But suppose you are a smaller company, or a 100% cloud company, and you want to do it the “right” way – but are not ready for an EA. How do you do it?

Microsoft Account is for Personal Use

First, while technically possible, there are reasons to not create production Windows Azure resources for your organization using a Microsoft Account (née Live Id (and many variants of Passport Account before that – it’s been around!)). The reason to avoid a Microsoft Account is that this is decidedly non-corporate – Microsoft accounts are intended for use by individuals. As a consequence, they are based on arbitrary email addresses and offer no way for…

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SonicWALL Gateway AV

While trying to download Adobe Creative Cloud while Gateway AV was turned on – within our SonicWALL – I continually received an error P205.  This was due to the AV settings within firewall.  Turning off Gateway AV allowed me to download – but after reviewing the logs I found that MalAgent.J_13197 (Trojan) was flagging as the issue.  To fix – I went to Gateway AV within SonicWALL and searched for that string:  MalAgent.J_13197 (Trojan).  Once found I – unchecked the box so it is no longer restricting – and now it’s working fine.  Just wanted to share.